The Stardew Valley Expanded mod is ready for 1.5 with a big new farm

Now that¬†Stardew Valley‘s foundations-shaking 1.5 update has been out for a bit, let me point out to you that a bunch of the game’s most popular mods are already updated and fit for purpose with it.¬†

Specifically, the sprawling Stardew Valley Expanded mod is chugging along as usual, and got a nice new farm map to suit the big update to boot. Grandpa’s Farm is a huge new farm map with all manner of niceties on it, like a mysterious-looking shed. Some nice shady-looking groves. A lovely river. It also includes new secrets and quests to go along with a new look. The old farm map for SVE, Immersive Farm 2, is still available, but Grandpa’s Farm supercedes it as the primary map for SVE.

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